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Start an online coaching business
Abs Farah

How to Start an Online Coaching Business 

Sharing knowledge and helping people to improve brings a lot of personal satisfaction. It makes us feel good about ourselves. And it can be a great way to earn a living by doing something you enjoy when you build an online coaching business.

Becoming a coach used to be much harder. For one thing, your market was limited to people you could physically meet. Reaching potential clients was time consuming. But today the internet and video conferencing remove those barriers. 

So if there’s something you’re good at or know a lot about, building an online coaching business has never been simpler. Your potential clients can be just about anywhere in the world and they may already be looking for help through search engines and social media.

All you really need to turn your passion into income are easy ways to organise your coaching sessions, sign up new clients and get paid quickly. You can do all of this with Payhip.

Types of Coaching Business

There are so many possibilities for online coaching. Everyone has something they want to get better at or an aspect of their life they want to improve. They may well turn to a coach for help. And if they value the outcome they’re also going to value the services of someone who can help them get there.

Popular themes include the following:

  • Life Coaching to help become more confident, manage anger issues, reduce anxiety or improve personal resilience.
  • Financial Coaching to help people invest wisely, manage household finances, control debt or plan for a comfortable retirement. 
  • Career Coaching to help people match their career growth to their personal goals.
  • Wellness Coaching to help people eat better, get fitter or generally improve physical or mental wellbeing.
  • Business Coaching to help people with a range of issues, including marketing strategy, identifying viable opportunities, building the right team or just improving their work-life balance. 

There are loads of other specialist niches including creative writing, art and photography where coaching works well.

What Else Do You Need to Build an Online Coaching Business?

As with any business it helps to be clear about your objectives and your target market. How many clients can you work with? What factors will make them seek help from a coach? Try to build the marketing messages on your sales page around people’s personal goals and how they will feel when they achieve them.

Should you be certified? (In the nicest possible way). Recognised accreditations from professional bodies will make your online coaching business more credible and marketable.

Turn Knowledge Into Products

In most cases your coaching offer will need a structure. Turning the offer into a collection of products is a good idea. Clients will then feel that they are buying something tangible with a clear pathway to whatever it is they want to master. This also gives you a way to earn recurring revenue – by selling your service as an annual 12-module subscription, for example.

Payhip Makes it Easy

The coaching feature in Payhip offers a really simple way to build an online coaching business. There’s everything you need in one place, making it easy to: 

  • Collect payments
  • Schedule meetings
  • Set up video calls
  • Share upcoming events
  • Communicate with clients

Calendly and Zoom are fully integrated and you can easily connect any service you want. You can also control the sign-up process to pre-qualify potential clients and organise one-to-one or group sessions.

From your clients’ perspective they can quickly select a coaching plan from your sales page. They’ll have their own account where they can see their milestones and communicate with you. This keeps all communications and transactions in one place.

The feature is super-easy to set up. You can find step-by-step instructions here.

The coaching feature means you have more simplicity and fewer distractions as you build your online coaching business.



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