More currencies, eBook previews and bug fixes

We’ve been very busy for the past week with feature requests from our early adopters who have already started making sales.

More currencies

You can now sell in 24 currencies thanks to Paypal. As of today, we’ve enabled all these currencies which you can sell in and your customers can buy in.

Ebook Preview

We’ve changed the way we preview ebooks to let your customers get a taste for your ebook. Previously, we automated the process by getting a set of pages from the original ebook. However, this could only work for PDF ebooks and this isn’t the only format that exists.
So we’ve simply allowed ebook authors to upload a teaser of their ebook. This allows authors more freedom to construct their own preview from different pages of the ebook as well as adding extras in the preview if necessary.

IE9 Bug Fix

We’ve fixed a small bug where some authors were having trouble uploading their ebooks on IE9. Not surprisingly, IE9 has a few security issues that the other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox don’t have which was not foreseen by us. Regardless, it is now fixed and uploads should work on all browsers.

More Features

We have a few more exciting features which we are working on and hope to release next week so stay tuned! If there are any features you would like to see on Payhip, just comment or email us.

  • Julie Read

    will you offer a voucher/promo code service at some point so that we can offer discounts to customers?

  • Robb

    What if someone just wants to LOOK to see what ebooks are for sale on Payhip? How would I do that?

    • payhip

      Hi Robb,

      We don’t yet have a marketplace but we do plan to release one. Currently, you can’t see the ebooks that are being sold through Payhip.

      Do you think this would be useful?

      • david

        yes very useful- i have scores of people wanting to see entire listing of what i have.

  • Saheed

    I think its brilliant . thanks. keep up the good work, im using Payhip and reccomendin it to everyone.

  • Natalie

    I just want to say genius! Irrespective of having a marketplace, I appreciate the fact I can post a link to buy my book online w/o all sorts of distraction or confusing stuff. So straight forward!
    I have uploaded one… plan to upload more!