New features: Design Editor, Zapier + more!

We’ve been working hard on improving Payhip! We’re thrilled so many creatives use Payhip and we can’t wait for you to try out the new features we are announcing today! The new features are as follows:

Visual design editor

You can now customise your product pages easily with a simple point and click design interface. For example, you can add a background image, background color or change the buy button colour with a few clicks. If you need more control there is a pure CSS option you can use. You can find out more in our support section.

Full page embeds

As well as our embed button you can now embed larger full page views of your product on your site. This will make it easier if you wish to create dedicated product pages on your own website.

Improved affiliate signup

Everyone will now get a public URL where affiliates can signup more easily. Anyone from the general public can signup and you can approve them to promote all or some of your products within your Dashboard. You can find out how to setup affiliates in our support section.

Google ecommerce tracking

We have now enabled ecommerce tracking for Google Analytics. To make use of this, you will need to enable ecommerce tracking within your Google Analytics account. You can find more info on how to this setup in our support section.

Zapier integration

You can now start adding your buyers to Mailchimp, Aweber or any other email platform using Zapier! If you would like to get started with this, here is an invitation to our Zapier app.

You can start using all of these features right now so login in to your Payhip account! We’d love to hear what you think, so comment, tweet or email us and let us know!

  • How does this affiliate signup work now?

  • Deby Coles

    What has happened to all of the pre-existing affiliates and their links? My affiliates set up are now showing zero. Are the old links they had set up still working? Some had custom amounts per pattern, are these still working and tracking too? Do all of the existing affiliates need to reapply and get new links? Hope not!

    • Hi Deby, I am just replying to let you and everyone know that we have fixed this issue. It was a small glitch in our interface and no tracking was lost. :-)

  • مها احمد احمد

    payhip wonderful

  • Amy Heaton

    Any plans for a Pinterest button on the product pages anytime soon? I think it is a better fit for designers and inspiration to share their products~ please ADD! :)

  • Daesung Oppa

    I am having a problem posting the whole page or a button in my blog or website. Any suggestions?

    • — Please reply above this line —

      Hi Disqus,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      Could you please let me know what problem do you have?

      Many thanks,

      Anna Crampatanta

      • Daesung Oppa

        I am having a problem posting the web page on my blog. It tells me the web page is not available.


  • Aaron Rose-Milavec

    Hey, I’m enjoying the finesse of PayHip. How can I set it up to accept credit card payments?

    • Aaron Rose-Milavec

      I worked it out with paypal.

  • Conscious

    I just signed up. I have a new book. And an old book I’m going to sell from here. I love what i see so far.

  • Jorge Garza Hinojosa

    I don’t see the Payhip app in Zapier

  • Michael Selim

    Looks wonderful, can’t wait to use it. Starting my first product asap. Thank you!

  • Day one, so lets see what happens!

  • looks good!

  • SanBRNKS

    Good Day! My name is Ibironke Samuel, an author of a Nigerian fashion magazine, SanBRNKS. Apparently I stumbled on your site while I was in search of platforms to sell my ebook.  I read through all payhip represents and its services  and I was excited because everything was in a simple and proper fashioned order. I decided to open an account on your platform and I uploaded one of my magazine publication too. Everything was going great until I got this message found in the attachment today. This error keeps showing every time people try to buy my ebook.  Please i would like you to kindly share more lights with me on this and how to rectify it because I intend putting up another ebook for sale in a few days time. Would be awaiting your response.  Cheers!

  • Is there a way to get notifications when an affiliate signs up?
    Is there a way to notify affiliates that they are officially registered and how to start selling?

  • nancebrody

    Just joined Payhip a couple days agao and have sold 2 books so far .. love it .. works great

  • Cynthia Charles Ouellette

    Hi! I would like to put my ebooks on Payhip. My books are illustrated short stories. Are the books downloaded and then sharable? So, if I sell a ebook can the buyer just share it over and over? Thanks, cindy

    • Hi Cynthia, we limit the number of downloads to a maximum of 5. Buyers will need to contact you or us to reset the download limit once we identify they have purchased from you previously.

      • Cynthia Charles Ouellette

        Forgive my ignorance in asking the question. Is the download that can be saved as a PDF in buyers documnets, one drive, dropbox, google drive, etc. and then sent to another person? Or are the ebooks just like in my itunes, kindle app, etc. so
        they can not be forarded to another person. I have asked so many people. I want to affiliate with Christian and recovery sites, but this unanswered question is holding me up.

  • Cynthia Charles Ouellette

    Someone please answer my question! Can my ebook be dwonloaded and saved or is it just like an ebook on a mobile device?