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New Update For Memberships

Last updated: January 27, 2023

At Payhip, we have several different product types to help you run your business – from digital products, physical products, memberships, coaching, courses and bundles.

We introduced memberships back in 2018, and it unfortunately hasn’t got much attention from us for quite a long time. All our energies and focus have been poured into the other product types. This of course means that we’ve been embarrassed by the lack of features included in memberships – it simply wasn’t a good fit for a lot of sellers.

However that ends now, today we’re excited to announce a brand new version of the membership system!

Here’s a video overview of what it looks like to sell memberships with Payhip

What’s new in memberships?

It’s been entirely rebuilt from scratch to help you sell any type of membership to your customers.

With memberships you can now add “Posts” which let you share content with your members in a flexible & interactive way. Some of the post types we support are:

  • Text Posts
  • Video Posts
  • Image Posts
  • Link Posts
  • Poll Posts
  • Embed Posts

Of course you’ll also be able to upload any files you’d like with each membership post. You can also allow your members to comment on posts, building up a community around your membership.

One of the standout features included in memberships is scheduling posts. You’ll be able to draft all your posts in one go, and then schedule the posts to be automatically published later on at a date & time of your choosing.

There’s a lot under the hood which we haven’t mentioned here! We’re excited to be finally releasing the new and improved memberships!

What about my existing members?

If you’ve previously setup a membership product and already have existing members on the old system then nothing would change for them. Your existing members can continue to login to their old accounts and access things the same way they use to.

However you’ll notice now that when you try to add a new membership product you’ll be shown the new system and new members can take advantage of the update.

Next steps

We would encourage you to give the new membership system a go, to get started simply add a new membership product type. We’d love to hear what you think!


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