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Vote for New Features

Last updated: April 25, 2014

It’s that time again where we start working on some exciting new features. But we need your help to decide which ones to work on first!


Here is an overview of features to vote on:

Author Profile Page: This will be a unique page about you the author and a list of all your ebooks. You can chose which ebooks go on this page and what bio you would like to share with your readers. In addition, you’ll have the option to map your own domain to this page to make it more personal.

More Payment Methods: We will be integrating the ability for your readers to pay via their credit or debit cards rather than using Paypal. You’ll have the option to be paid every 2 weeks in your own bank account.

Affiliate Program: We will create an affiliate program that will allow passionate readers to help you sell your ebook. You will decide how much to offer your affiliates per transaction.

Ebook Format Conversion: We will have the option to allow you to upload a single file and we will convert it automatically into different formats such as epub, mobi, kindle and nook formats. This will allow your readers more choice.

We are really excited about these new features and we need your help to decide which to work on first.

We look forward your votes!


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