Elizabeth Plant - Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Are you feeling how you want to feel for the rest of your life right now? Are you ready to change how you eat and live so that you can feel your best for the rest of your life? Elizabeth Plant is a UK-based certified massage therapist, holistic consultant and Integrative Nutrition health & wellbeing coach. Health & wellbeing coaching is like life coaching but with a focus on holistic lifestyle implementation and whole foods nourishment. Her mission is to support you to discover a new relationship with food and to develop healthy lifestyle habits. She will support you to stop feeling exhausted and instead restore your enthusiasm for life. Food affects both your physical and emotional wellbeing. Over time changing to healthier ways of eating and living will give you confidence to improve your career, relationships and family life. She draws on her knowledge and qualifications in nutrition and other modalities such as bodywork and stress management plus her own experiences of resolving her own health issues. She is passionate about how food and lifestyle and bioindividual eating habits and living well can enable us to feel the best we can. When you feel full in your life, not just with the right food, you feel better.