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Boost Your Plate, Manage Your Weight - 21 Day Program


Spring into Summer Healthy Reset Program with Elizabeth Plant, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


Health Coaching with Elizabeth Plant - Winter Healthy Reset course


About Me

Elizabeth Plant is a UK-based Integrative Nutrition holistic health & wellbeing coach, certified massage therapist, aromatherapist and reflexologist. Her work and passion focuses on holistic lifestyle implementation and whole foods nourishment with specialities in Stress Management including sleep issues. Her signature program is Stress Less/Sleep more with her mission to support you to discover a new relationship to develop healthier food, self care and lifestyle choices.  
She homebirthed and home educated her daughter whilst living in a small harbour village in the Sussex countryside.  She's co-ghostwritten a number of books on subjects as diverse as music and astrology, been featured in magazines and has contributed recipes to the BodyMind Institute.  She also worked as an editor for a small independent press and has spent a lot of time in office environments and so understands how these can affect our health and stress levels.  
Her hobbies include Dungeons & Dragons and playing drums.  She loves animals, nature and visiting wild places so she can see the wonder of stars and the wisdom of rocks.