Holistic Roots LLC

Satta Jallah aka "The Holistic Moon Goddess" is an accomplished entrepreneur, writer, artist, and holistic health practitioner. She is a certified yoga teacher and doula and is currently furthering her education in Yoga Therapy & Holistic Nursing. She is the co-author of a wellness guide called "Self Care for Brown Girls" and her second self published book, "The Sweet Yoni Love Letters:Holistic Secrets for A Healthy & Orgasmic Soul" is set to be released this August. Satta is extremely passionate about impacting communities and organizations by building awareness and advocacy around issues such as domestic violence, health disparities within communities of color, and reproductive justice. In 2010 Satta served as the official spokesperson for the statewide Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign where she was able to be a keynote speaker at the National Convention for the Coalition Against Domestic Violence. She has also been able to combine the power of art and activism by performing in and co-writing the two time Congressional Award winning stage play "Behind Closed Doors". Satta is the founder and CEO of Holistic Roots LLC, where the mission is to empower women to reclaim and own their health, wealth, and beauty from the inside out. Holistic Roots is the current platform that Satta uses to initiate and facilitate wellness workshops around the country.