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About Me

Mina is a self-taught knitter & designer (Knitting Expat Designs on Ravelry), with a massive passion for incorporating colour and texture into her designs. She has a passion for everything from cables and textures to colourwork and lace. She has always aimed to be inclusive with her design work in terms of sizing and pricing, so as many people as possible can enjoy them. 

She prides herself on creating patterns that are approachable for newer knitters, by providing clear and detailed instructions, while also remaining interesting and engaging for more experienced knitters. Wherever possible in a design there is flexibility incorporated to give knitters the tools and confidence to customise their projects to suit them. 

She also hosts a Video Podcast on Youtube as the Knitting Expat Podcast, posts frequently over on Instagram as @knittingexpat and in recent years she has also started teaching in person and for online knitting workshops.

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