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Setting Intentions - Connect to your Inner Wisdom Workbook


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Self Care Oracle Cards


Reflection Oracle Cards


The Self Contract Worksheet


The Stuck to Empowered Mood Shift


369 Guided Manifestation Journal


About Digital Downloads

The downloads I have created are to help you on your healing journey. They guide you to journal on what you want to release, discover what you want to create in your life, and embed the discipline to keep moving towards your goals. These products work well alongside any healing, coaching or mentoring sessions, and also as standalone tools.

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About My Inner Self

My name is Carol Fenner and I provide Powerful Healing, Counselling and Guidance services. I am a UK certified Counsellor and Guidance Adviser, and have studied a range of healing modalities as part of my continuing professional development. All sessions are tailored to the individual and are therefore unique.

Who will my sessions work best with?

My sessions will work best with someone who is looking to really commit to making changes in their life. It is important that you commit fully to the healing work in order to gain the most from our sessions. My role is to guide you to step into your own power, gifts and talents.

I provide affordable healing subscriptions, with monthly support.