Silvia Cosma

Hi, I'm Silvia!
Personal style blogger, writer, photography and video content creator.
Here to help you discover the value that your unique brand of style can bring into your life when you fully own it!

This is a conclusion I've formed based on a lifelong passion and study
of fashion, beauty, style and self-growth.
And a conclusion that has inspired me to help more women tap into
their own confidence of expressing themselves- their inner world-
to the outer one through their personal style.

And since I know confidence comes from solid knowledge, I've created You and Your Personal Style:
A 5 step course dedicated to helping you gain a deep understanding and appreciation of yourself and your style.

Because your personal style can be an extremely powerful self-expression tool, with just the right information (and a few special tips & tricks 😉)

Good to know:
1. You and Your Personal Style consists of:
5 Lessons
+ 5 adjacent Printables.
2. The course Lessons are available in either ebook or video format (so you can use the right medium for YOU and your learning preferences).
The Printables are identical for both formats.
3. Should you choose to purchase both formats (bundle) and gain the absolute maximum value for both media,
there is a 50% discount waiting for you! 👀🎊
4. Did you love the course? Then Learn AND Earn with it, by becoming an affiliate at:
5. Not sure whether it's worth your money? (Spoiler alert: it totally is!) Then refer a friend, and both of you get 25% OFF once they purchase!

P.S.: Please make sure to take each Lesson AND to read its respective Printable, to best be able to implement allll the knowledge you paid for!