Noob Spearo Spearfishing

About the Noob Spearo Podcast The Noob Spearo Podcast features world-class spearos who share their hard-won wisdom and experiences with us. These interviews are available for free! Available on Also available in iTunes and on iOS devices Subscribe on Android here or listen from other popular podcasting apps like Stitcher or TuneIn radio. Interviewing these spearfishing experts, authorities and characters on the show is about more than just helping people become better at spearfishing. It is our belief that the stories these spearos tell, have a powerful influence on the behaviour of our listeners. Our Vision 1. We aim to help reduce spearfishing deaths 2. We aim to help in the development of the next generation of environmentally aware spearo's 3. We aim to help spearfishing grow as a lifestyle sport, by developing community and relationships with spearo's all over the world. 4. We aim to help our readers shoot more fish and have fun If you are just starting spearfishing this post here links in many of our most relevant articles and podcast episodes Levi "Turbo" Brown With his background in marine science in management Turbo is a passionate spearo with good understanding of the importance of sustainability to spearfishing. Turbo is not a spearo inspired by records but rather the enjoyment of hunting fish with mates. Isaac "SHREK" Daly Shrek is a Brisbane based Spearo, Podcast Co-Host and Blogger. Initially experiencing the underwater world through scuba diving, the hunter gatherer orientation quickly became apparent along with the enjoyment of breath-hold diving.