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Womb Heroes

Ottavia Turner was born and raised in New York City. She is a mother of 2 beautiful children. She started Womb Heroes Traditional Birth Working Services in 2020. After having a hospital birth with her firstborn, She discovered the maternal health rate was increasing and wanted to have a ceremony for her future babies. She gave birth to her second child at home, un-assistant in 2020, while her soul mate caught their son right in his arms. “It was the most beautiful experience I will never forget,” -Ottavia.

She then moved on to incorporating female and male products into her offerings after she witnessed her daughter suffering from eczema. As a holistic being, going the holistic route was number one. She developed a product that healed her daughter and others with skin issues. Ottavia is now helping families worldwide!

Who Are We?

My name is Ottavia Turner, and I have been an artist, model, clothing designer, and teacher for over 10 years. I am a full-spectrum traditional birthworker. As a midwife assistant, I continue my education under a powerful Traditional Midwife. I welcome you to my sacred space. My offerings include a range of services for feminine health and wellness. I create natural, homemade fighting eczema relief products such as body oils and butter. I help guide and give wisdom on Holistic nutritionist meals throughout pregnancy, labor and postpartum care, herbalist, postpartum care ceremonies, lactation supporter, yoga, birth educator, and child education.

My philosophy is rooted in the ways my ancestors practiced. I am here to change the manipulation of our DNA by educating and offering natural modalities instead of using medical interventions during childbirth.

By integrating ancestral practices and offering natural modalities, I empower women to make informed choices during childbirth and potentially reduce their reliance on medical interventions. We aim to decolonize minds and promote a shift in how birth is approached. We are helping families reclaim their sovereignty and birthright through education and empowerment. Ensuring that maternal mortality and morbidity rates are reduced within our community.

What Is a Traditional Midwife?

Traditional midwives started their journey back in ancient times. Our granny midwives knew how to use planetary models; they worked with the elements and used traditional modalities. They didn't mix Western medicine with traditional medicine. They knew the importance of birth as a ceremony to connect the mind, body, spirit, and baby. We honor them as we commit to using their wisdom and knowledge in this lifetime. we aim to keep this going from my daughter to her daughter and so on!

Traditional Midwifery Asisstant

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