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Hi, do you know if there is a good book on this?

Maybe you've asked yourself the same question every now and then.

We also hear this question very often in our professional courses at the Coffee School of Hannover.

So we decided: You should hear a "yes" more often. "Yes, there is a good book on this".

That's why we run our own publishing house.

"We" that is Thomas and Nadine. Nice to meeting you!

Not on every topic...

...there is a good coffee book. You may have already noticed that.

Also, do you also often find it difficult and tedious to get reliable and descriptive information on the subject of roasting, sensory analysis and the profitability of a coffee roasting company?

Especially as a career changers in the coffee business, it is particularly difficult to find the right information.

We know this, because we ourselves are career changers and faced the same problem more than 15 years ago.

Good coffee books for coffee professionals are few and often published here and there.

Funny enough, in contrast, we know enough books with baking and cooking recipes about or with coffee.

We are your perfect team

We are your ideal team when it comes to roasting and sensory knowledge:

Thomas has been running Kaffeeschule Hannover (Coffee School Hannover) since 2006, focusing on IHK (chamber of trade & commerce) courses on roasting and sensory analysis. His loves to learn and constantly acquires new knowledge about coffee.

Nadine joined in 2018. As a trained publishing house professional and publicist, she develops ideas for books and info materials about coffee and realizes them graphically.

Maybe we have met already in person during the Cup of Excellence program, on a coffee festival, during one of our various origin trips or during any World of Coffee since 2008.

Just feels good to know that...

A pinch of love

We care about our products as we do about our courses and concultings. Thus, we add a little love to it and that feels good, that pinch of care and concern.

Created together

You know that really good things can only be done through teamwork. That's how it is with us, too. We are happy about our advisory board who reviews books and materials.


You want information you can rely on, that's accurate, verifiable and proven. Through our many networks and diverse sources, we guarantee you exactly that.

Beyond the day

Why not use it more often? You're right! That's why our products may include bonus material in the form of downloads, links or tutorials that are long-lasting.


You would notice it if you wouldn't get the whole nine yards. That's why we show real commitment, so that only well-designed things are created.

We are always happy....

... when committed participants realize the dream of their own coffee roastery, and it develops splendidly and is run with joy and success.

... about the many first roasts of participants, which we enjoy and rejoice with them.

... warm and affectionate recommendations in social media and in personal contact, because we are always happy when you are happy and our courses have brought you further.

... about every phone call where participants and colleagues actually only have a small question and we talk longer than planned about coffee trends and (roaster) life.

... when participants return for courses because they liked the first course so much and want to go deeper into the product coffee with us in another course.

... when we accompany and advise large coffee companies on innovative coffee projects that challenge us, and where we enthusiastically follow the market launch and further development.

... when we don't see much of coffee fairs at all, because we stop at the first meters with you, have inspiring conversations, laugh together and always have new colleagues joining us, so that we hardly get beyond the first hall.

... when we see in a series of online cupping how dedicated employees in coffee companies absorb product knowledge and become better and better in a short time.

Now it's time for the English version

The picture shows the german version of the "Cupping Handbook". We published this in summer 2020 (and still loving it!).

Now we decided to publish in English and in Spanish (coming in spring 2022).

We in a nutshell

Hi, we are Thomas & Nadine, two coffee professionals from Hanover, Germany. By nature we are incredible curious. That's why we run one of the most popular Coffee Schools for coffee professionals in Germany focusing on roasting and sensory. The deal: We learn from each other and grow smarter together. Take advantage of 15 years of experience in the coffee industry and our never ending curiosity about coffee.

Find out more about at (german).

Signifikant Media is our family run publishing house.