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Training Material for coffee professionals

Reviewed equipment to make your coffee life more rewarding and joyful.

Wouldn't it be cool to skillfully rate coffee and have a lot of fun with it?

Body, sweetness, acidity, balance, aftertaste, aroma & flavor,....tasting, evaluating and talking profesionally about coffee can be quite challenging.

Yet, we believe that everyone can learn it.

Sometimes you just need just a structured approach to it.

La catación mejor del café


The Cupping Handbook


Let's grow smarter together on sensory

3 Cupping books and the question: Which one to choose?
2021 is an amazing year - at least when we look at the choices of cupping books we have available right now. 3 different books you can chose from, but which one is the right one?We had a look at all the three books and tried to review them, so you ca...
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6 sensory situations when a triangle-test is your first choice
You may have already seen the triangle test in practice, as it is used in cupping championships: participants are presented with 3 coffees and have to push the coffee that differs from the other two to the front.But is a triangle test also suitable f...
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Getting sensory smarter with these 3 party appetizers
Sensory analysis often seems like sheer chaos: we taste our coffee and are supposed to evaluate the quality or recognize faults.We are supposed to describe properties such as mouthfeel or put flavor into words.We expect a sip on the spoon to tell ...
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Let's bet: These 10 tips will make your sensory life easier
Some people are downright scary: among them are those who describe the taste of their coffee in the most beautiful and apt words."Notes of dark cherry, raisin and red grape with a tangy, complex acidity reminiscent of black currants and rhubarb, a sy...
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The Cupping Handbook

In 2020 we launched the german version of the book. The feedback and joy of the cupping community was overwhelming!

Now, 2021, we wish to make more coffee people happy and enjoy cupping, rating and describing coffee like a pro.

In 2022, we plan to print some copies as well. Let's see about the details later.

Find your digital PDF version here in the shop.

What people are saying about "The Cupping Handbook"

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About your book: I "ate" it up right away, I love your writing style. And I would especially like to emphasize your balance between technical quality and lively language.

— Carina

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Highly recommended reading

— We Roast Coffee Collective

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Slurping is allowed! Super book from Thomas from Kaffeeschule Hannover!

— Frank from Coffeeteller

Enjoy a snapshop of happiness from the german cupping community

Thomas and Nadine Kaffeeschule Hannover

About us

Hi, we are Thomas & Nadine, two coffee professionals from Hanover, Germany. By nature we are incredible curious. That's why we run one of the most popular Coffee Schools for coffee professionals in Germany focusing on roasting and sensory. The deal: We learn from each other and grow smarter together. Take advantage of 15 years of experience in the coffee industry and our never ending curiosity about coffee.

Find out more about at (german).

Signifikant Media is our family run publishing house.

Próximo en julio 2022

Las catas son una valiosa herramienta que los profesionales del café utilizan para garantizar la calidad, analizar y evaluar el café.

  • Pero, ¿cuántas veces desearíamos comprender mejor cómo funciona la sensorialidad en nosotros y cómo podemos utilizarla mejor?
  • ¿Con qué frecuencia nos quedamos sin palabras cuando queremos describir con precisión la calidad de un café?
  • ¿Con qué frecuencia desearíamos poder tomar decisiones mejores y más seguras sobre nuestras compras de café?
  • ¿Y no sería agradable poder explicar nuestro café a los clientes de una manera que les haga querer beber la primera taza en el acto?

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