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Free Patterns

Many of my designs are free patterns. If a free pattern version is available, you can find the link at the top of the description box.

Note: Free versions are usually web-based, either viewable on my blog as written instructions, or on YouTube as video tutorials.

2-in-1: Magic-Owl Bags (Small & Large Sizes)


Mini Magic-Owl Bag


Magic-Owl Bag


15-Minute Bunny


Woodland Owl Pouch


Bean Sprout Doll


Pocket Axolotl (2 sizes!)


Baby Axolotl


Pocket Penguin


Mini Lunar Lantern


Huggy Frog


Worry Pet


Pocket Mouse


Pocket Kitty Cat


Galaxy Jellyfish


What people are saying

"Easy to follow!"

— Natalie

"The pattern is very beginner friendly and easy to follow. I thoroughly enjoyed making my first crocheted doll. There are plenty of pictures for guidance and also video links to explain how the hair are done."

— Cecilia L.

"Super easy to follow and turned out super cute!"

— Jessie

"This was a perfect pattern for my gift basket!"

— Heather