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Cat chess, anyone? Gobbelino London & A Melee of Mages (Book Review)

Hello Humor-Seeking Humans!

It's another book review, and I'm a bit late with this one as I read the book way back in early May, but you know....time.

Anyway, A Melee of Mages is another fabulous book in the humorous-fantasy-mystery Gobbelino London series by Kim M. Watt and it's even more fabulous because for a limited time, it's only 99c on most retailers. I'm not entirely sure how long that sale will last, so I'd suggest jumping on it right now. Well, maybe read the review first, then get to jumping!

And if you haven't started the Gobbelino London series yet, what's wrong with you!!?? Book #1 (A Scourge of Pleasantries*) contains a whole lotta laughs and clever story.

I do highly recommend reading Scourge first because 1) it's hilarious, and 2) you'll have a better idea of who's who in A Melee of Mages, otherwise you might feel a little lost with the character relationships. Plus, it's also only 99c, so seriously, what are you waiting for??!!

Okay, enough explaining, let's get to the review....

*In case you missed it, you can see my review of Scourge HERE.

Book Review: Gobbelino London & A Melee of Mages

Hilarious with a capital "Gobbelino"!

This is the fourth in the Gobbelino London series that features a PI who's barely scraping by and his snarky cat Gobbelino London (whose point of view the stories are told).

In this book, well, it's adventure galore as the two sort out what's happened to a missing magician and soon get tangled up in a search for several missing cats from the neighborhood...and end up getting chased by creepy toys, crazy dogs, and ne'er do well necromancers.

It's all a ton of fun and full of action and plenty of quips that kept me laughing right along with the mayhem. The human characters are great, and Watt's ability to bring unique personalities to nine different cats in such short space was simply a work of masterful writing.

And the chess scene at the beginning....honestly, it's probably the best chess scene I've ever read (and by best, I mean funniest). The Queen's Gambit has nothing on cat chess.

My only complaint was a couple scenes in the early part of the book felt a little repetitive. Like I was seeing the same events just in different locations, but the rest of the book was more than clever enough for me to quickly look past this.

I will admit I have only read the first book in this series, and this installment does refer to some stuff that happened in the previous three books. I did feel like I was missing out on a bit of character relations, but never once felt lost in this book. In fact, it only made me more eager to read the two books I skipped over (I got impatient to read my Review Copy).

All in all, if you like funny, action-filled paranormal mysteries with a whole lotta of snark and a wonderful "cats" of characters, get going on the Gobbelino series!

Book #1: A Scourge of Pleasantries (99c on most retailers)

Book #4: A Melee of Mages (99c for a limited time)

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