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Cat chess, anyone? Gobbelino London & A Melee of Mages (Book Review)
Hello Humor-Seeking Humans!It's another book review, and I'm a bit late with this one as I read the book way back in early May, but you know....time.Anyway, A Melee of Mages is another fabulous book in the humorous-fantasy-mystery Gobbelino London se...
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Would you like a side of puns with your frog legs? (Book Review)
Hello Book Fiends!When the pandemic first struck last year, i dashed into my library's ebook lending system and selected TONS of humorous fiction because I think we can all agree we needed some levity in our lives. Some of the books were hilarious (a...
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What secrets are your family hiding? (New Product)
Hello Readers!Ever wonder what secrets your family is really hiding? Is there something dark in their past? A hidden indulgence someone just couldn't risk?Even if you don't, Caleb's family does. And in the latest short story addition to my shop, he f...
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Hilarity Abounds in A Scourge of Pleasantries by Kim M. Watt (Book Review)
Hello Book Fiends,If you've read my more recent short stories or especially my Cassie Black Trilogy, you'll (hopefully) have enjoyed the dark, tongue-in-cheek humor I've tossed into my sentences and paragraphs.And if you enjoyed that humor, or if you...
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New Product: The Untangled Cassie Black is HERE!!!
That's right, the final book of the Cassie Black Trilogy has finally arrived. But don't go jumping into your order just yet.In case you're new here, this is the third book of my Cassie Black Trilogy which is full of snarky humor, paranormal mystery, ...
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Still sorting this all out.
Payhip has just added this feature, so I'll need a bit to sort it all out. My thoughts right now are to post when new items magically pop onto the shop's shelves, reviews of books similar to my genre (or ones I just can't stop talking about), and may...
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