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Since you might have some questions....

Hopefully these answer your biggest quandaries. If not, don't be shy about visiting that Contact Page above.

How does this work?

Pretty much like anywhere else you’d buy ebooks. You add your choices to your cart, checkout when you're ready, then you’ll receive a receipt email from Payhip.

Soon after your purchase, you’ll also receive an email from BookFunnel. This email will contain download links for your books.

Why BookFunnel files? Why can't I just download files from your shop?

So many reasons!

First, BookFunnel provides the book file BEST suited for your device or app.

Second, if you’re a tad bit technically challenged, BookFunnel is staffed by super geniuses (and super nice super geniuses) who will help you get your books onto your device.

This free service is one of the benefits of shopping with me, so don't hesitate to use it!

Third, as soon as you collect my stories from BookFunnel, from then on you will always have easy access to them, as well as access to the most up-to-date version of the book via your BookFunnel Library at (simply sign in with the email address you used to make this purchase).

Fourth, not that I don't trust you (because you're wonderful!), but having BookFunnel deliver the books provides me a tiny bit of protection from piracy.

Am I really going to be able to read your books on my device/app?

Unless your eyeballs fall out of your head, yes!

Your purchase includes access to files suited for Kindle readers and apps, as well as EPUB files that work on most every other device/app (Kobo, Apple Books, Nook, etc).

If you're not tech savvy, don't worry. Getting the file onto your device/app is very easy and clear instructions will be provided.

However, if you have ANY trouble, help is only a click away. Your download page will have a link to BookFunnel's superstars who are more than willing to guide you through the process.

Their help is included with your purchase, so reach out to them with any techie questions (because I will probably only confuse you more!).

Why do your product pages say you only deliver a PDF?

That PDF is merely your receipt and will include instructions on getting your book files.

Very soon after your purchase, you'll get emails from Payhip and BookFunnel with the links to get your actual book files.

If those emails don't show up, check your spam/promotion/junk folders. Still not showing up? Contact me and we'll sort things out.

Is there an app for that?

Of course there is. And it's pretty darn marvelous.

The free BookFunnel app is the easiest way to carry your library of indie books with you wherever you go.

And the e-reader part of the! You've got loads of font options, screen options, spacing options, color many options.

It really does make for a nice (and handy and ad-free) reading experience, and you can find it in your device's App Store.

Can I get some free books from you to try this all out?


I have two free series starters. The Trials of Hercules is the first in my Osteria Chronicles series, and Domna, Part One: The Sun God’s Daughter is the first in my Domna serial.

Any other freebies?


The product pages for each of my novels and box sets now features a link to try a free samples before you buy.

I also have a free short story called Mrs. Morris Meets Death, which is a darkly humorous tale of time management, death, and romance novels. You can get it simply by signing up for my monthly newsletter…which often contains a free short story when I’m feeling generous (which is fairly often).

Also, by joining my newsletter team, you'll get the chance to be part of my Review Team who gets free copies of ALL my books prior to release day.

How can I get discounted books?

Just add a book to your cart. Many of my items (except the short stories) have a coupon associated with them to give you a discount on another book. 

Plus, many of my books on this shop are priced a tad lower than you'll find on other retailers.

And there’s always that newsletter mentioned above. I sometimes include a fee story or an exclusive discount when the mood strikes me : )

Why should I buy from you instead of a "real" store?

Here’s the deal…money. Sorry to be so blunt, but there it is. 

To be less blunt about it, shopping directly from an indie author like me is a great way to show your support and to keep more of your money going toward the author of a book, rather than to the retailer selling you that book.

When you purchase a book from me, I keep around 90% of what you spend (I have to pay a small fee to Payhip and Stripe/Paypal). I also get that money within a day or two of your purchase.

When you buy one of my books elsewhere, the retailer only gives me 35-70% of what you spend. I also don’t see a penny of that money until at least two months after your purchase.

So, like I said, shopping from me shows your support for my work more fully (and more quickly) than shopping elsewhere. 

I don't know, I think I'd still rather shop at a "real" store.

No problem. You can find all my novels and some of my short stories* on Amazon, Apple, Kobo, etc.

To make shopping ever easer for you, I've created THIS PAGE that lists all my books. Once there, just click on a cover that interests you and you'll see all your shopping options.

*Note: Most of my short stories are available exclusively on this shop.

Do you carry paperbacks or hardbacks?

All my books are in paperback format, but they aren't carried on this shop at this time. Maybe in the future.

For now, you can find my paperbacks at many major book retailers. Just use THIS LINK, select the title you're interested in, then select the retailer of your choice.

You can also request my paperbacks from your local bookshop or your local library. Simply ask of it by title and my name.

Where can I learn more about you and your work?

Well, if you scroll down, you’ll see a little "About Me" thingie. To learn about my work, just browse this shop.

If you want to keep up to date with this little bookstore, including new stories and sales, check out the Shop's Blog, or you can see more personal stuff and writing things over at my Author Blog.

You can also follow me on Bookbub to get notices about my latest releases and my reading recommendations.

Or you could pop over to my website at to get the full scoop.

But I have more questions!!!

Then head on over to the Contact Page and shoot me an email. I respond personally to all questions (well, unless it’s clearly a spam/phishing question), so don’t be shy.

Hey, you...want a free story?

Want to be the first to learn about my new releases, get exclusive freebies and discounts, and be subjected the occasional cat photo?

Then click HERE to join my newsletter team.

As a thank you bribe, you'll get your very own copy of my darkly humorous story Mrs Morris Meets Death.

Who Am I?

Many moons ago I was a scientist in a neuroscience lab where I got to play with brains and illegal drugs. Now, I’m an award-winning indie author who turns wickedly strong tea into imaginative fiction (so, basically still playing with brains and drugs). 


When I’m not creating worlds or killing off characters, I can be found gardening, reading, running, dreaming of my next travel adventure, working as an unpaid servant to three cats and two guinea pigs, or concocting a batch of homemade wine or beer.

You can learn more about my goofy antics at