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The Trials of Hercules: Book One of the Osteria Chronicles

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Myths and heroes may be reborn, but the whims of the gods never change.
  • "...kept me turning pages the whole way through like any guilty pleasure."
  • "I was immediately pulled in within the first few pages.”
  • "The interactions of the gods and mortals was inspired. Seeing the gods behaving badly was a treat."
If you crave the mythological adventure in movies like Clash of the Titans and 300, as well as the blend of history and fantasy in books by S.J.A Turney, David Gemmell, and Madeline Miller, you’ll love The Trials of Hercules.

Pick up your FREE copy to begin this "highly recommended" tale of vengeance, honor, and loyalty today.


In a world where mortals contend with the gods' vengeful jealousy, one man must ask himself if he will risk his life to defend the goddess who has done everything to destroy him.

Convicted of three heinous murders, Herc Dion is sentenced to a series of trials that will pit him against formidable monsters, push his physical and mental endurance to the limit, and deliver him to the edge of Hades.

Throughout these ordeals, Herc endures the brutal cruelty of Hera, the goddess whose hatred of Herc has blinded her to the near ruin of her realm and to plans that will spell the end of her existence. Realizing Hera has done everything to destroy him, will Herc risk his own life to protect hers?

Vividly set in a future Pacific Northwest, this imaginative and absorbing retelling of the legend of Hercules teams with gods and heroes torn between love and jealousy, loyalty and revenge, and rivalry and honor.

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