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Testing the Waters: A Mythic Short Story

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"The writing is crisp, and I love the way the relationships between the townsfolk are portrayed. It’s even more fun once you figure you out what’s really going on." —Ruined Chapel Book Review

You can get away with many things in Port Athens. Breaking contracts is not one of them.

The founders of the prosperous fishing village of Port Athens have each agreed to give up certain luxuries and a great deal of power to settle into a new life.

So when one of the founders, Eli P. Marin, returns from the city with a suspicious purchase, the rumor mill churns into action. Is he only showing off? Is it even real? Most importantly, will Eli break their contract and reclaim his former influence despite knowing how harsh the punishment might be?

Find out today as you wander the quaint streets and meet the mysterious founders of Port Athens in Testing the Waters.

If you've ever wondered how the Greek gods would behave in the modern world and what tricks they might get up to, you'll love this quirky tale of temptation, rules, and rivalry.

This is a short story of about 4,900 words.

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