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The Drive-Thru Window

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"I loved the end result of this story, and I was hanging on the edge of my seat the entire time." --Jaunts & Haunts Book Review

It was just another prank, right?

Roy owns the only drive-thru funeral home in the state of Maine.

With such an unconventional business, Roy’s come to expect the occasional prank - namely students from the nearby medical school leaving cadavers outside his drive-thru window.

But this latest joke isn’t the quite the same. This cadaver appears well-dressed, shows no signs of decomposition, and doesn’t need any support to keep it from flopping over.

Even more peculiar? It’s begging to be let in.

Take a bite of this quirky tale by picking up your copy of The Drive-Thru Window today.

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Note: This is a short story of about 3000 words.
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