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Space Walk

Noise? Corruption? Bugs? This is not the vacation Maya signed up for.

"I gave this short story five stellar stars!...a great story through and through." —Jaunts & Haunts Book Review

Maya has convinced her husband Joel to forego their usual holiday to take her trip of a lifetime. The company SpaceWalk promises adventure, unparalleled views, and, for those who purchase the Enhanced Package, a chance to take part in an actual space walk.

Eager to experience the final frontier, Maya spends all of her and Joel’s savings on the enhanced package. But when she ventures outside the ship for her first walk, Maya soon discovers she’s not alone. Not in the depths of space, nor within her spacesuit.

What starts out a dream vacation quickly turns dangerous, not only for the passengers and crew, but, thanks to corruption from within SpaceWalk, for all of humanity.

If you like a little snarky humor with your apocalyptic terror and aren’t squeamish, you’ll love Space Walk.

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Want to try a sample? Here you go...

I thought space was supposed to be silent. I mean, I'm Neil deGrasse Tyson Fan Numero Uno and he always says - he swears! - there’s no sound in space. 

So why do I hear a ticking sound? Not like a clock’s tick but sort of like the ticking chirrup of an angry hummingbird or an insect’s mating call. 

Chickchick. Chickchick.

There it is again. I’ve been hearing it almost the entire time I’ve been out here. So annoying.

I mean, I’m supposed to be cut off. That was part of the Enhanced Package. The package that cost the rough equivalent of a down payment on a Tesla. The package my husband chastised me about to no end.

"It's bad enough you decided to go nowhere for our vacation this year," Joel had ranted when he opened the credit card bill. "Do you have to put us into debt for enhanced nowhere?"

I had rolled my eyes at his lack of adventure. Every year we pick a vacation destination – he picks in even years, I pick in odd years. No arguing. The other has to go where the picker selects. This year I picked space. I mean how could I not after listening to the StarTalk podcast for so long? When one of their ads offered up a chance to go to space, I was booking two tickets as fast as my fingers could dance over the keyboard.

Just think about it. Me. In space! The company, SpaceWalk, has had a few trial runs, but Joel and I will be one of the first few who get to travel to outer space for leisure. Joel - not being the intrepid space explorer I am - hadn't liked my vacation choice when I told him I’d already reserved our spots. He really didn't like it when he found out I’d added the Enhanced Package to my reservation.

"It's not nowhere. Space is everywhere. And if you're going to go you might as well get out, really be in space. Experience the absolute silence."

"You want silence? Get some earplugs. They cost five dollars a dozen."

"You don't get it. You should listen to StarTalk. That'll inspire you. You’re going to wish you'd gotten the Enhanced Package. Think of seeing Earth from up there completely alone. Just you and nothing but silence."

"You like silence? Let’s start with some now," he grumbled bitterly before throwing down the credit card bill and stomping out of the kitchen.


"Guys?" I ask, but there's no response. This is part of the package. You get three spacewalks. The first is with a partner, a crew member who knows what they're doing and teaches you how to get about without becoming a human tetherball. For the second walk you're on your own, but with the communication system (the coms, for those of us in the know) between you and a crew member waiting in the bay. The final walk is when you get the real thrill. All coms are cut off. Oh sure, you have an earpiece and there's a little button in the index finger of your glove you can push if you get scared, but you’re essentially on your own. I wanted to make doubly sure I was going to really do this, so when I got suited up I slipped my first two fingers into the middle finger slot of the glove to eliminate any temptation to press the button. The bay monitors your heart rate, so if there’s any fear-induced spikes they reel you in, but in truth, you're on your own in total spacey silence.

Chickchick. Chickchick. 

So what the hell is that sound? It's not coming out of the earbud. It doesn't have that in-your-head quality like when you listen to a StarTalk podcast and Neil deGrasse Tyson is right there in your ear telling you there's no freakin’ sound in space.

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