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Transcription of Taxi 6473

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"Two dread-filled lines 'It’s coming for me. Forgive me,' are preceded by the crinkling sound of safety glass being shattered. 

Then the screaming begins."

After transcribing a tape recording found in a New York taxi cab, the visceral sounds and screams still echo in Officer Anderson’s head. 

In addition to the tape had been the driver’s body, torn from neck to groin by claws larger than any living animal.

As Anderson tries to convince his sergeant to look further into the matter, the sergeant insists the tape is nothing but a ruse.

When he finally gets the Sarge to listen, Anderson learns you can’t escape the dues you owe the gods.

If you enjoy tense tales that blend the modern world with ancient fears, you’ll won’t want to miss Transcription of Taxi 6473.

Note: If you already have or are planning to purchase my short story collection 13th Hour, this story is included in that collection. 

This story is 3800 words long, or approximately 16 pages in a standard-sized paperback.

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