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Day Sixteen: A Supernatural Thriller

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It’s not paranoia if it’s real.

At first, Moire’s sleepwalking incidents don’t faze her. She’s never had them before, so surely they’ll pass. But when she notices they keep happening on a certain day, she wonders if there’s something more to her nightly wanderings.

Then there’s her husband Neil’s research project at the fertility clinic, his strange reaction to her taking birth control pills, and, wait... has he been tracking her cycle?

As further troubling events and coincidences plague Moire’s sleeping and waking world, her paranoia mounts. Paranoia Neil insists is a clear sign that Moire needs help.

Moire knows she needs to get a grip, that what she believes is too crazy to be true, but when people close to her start disappearing, she realizes she’s in a fight for her mind and her body, and that what’s been happening is more disturbing than she could have imagined.

If you’re captivated by The X-Files and The Handmaid’s Tale, if you enjoy peeling back the layers of an otherworldly mystery, or if you’ve ever doubted what you’ve been told is true, you’ll find yourself gripped by Day Sixteen, a modern day thriller with light supernatural elements.

Grab your copy of Day Sixteen today to discover what happens when everything they told you was crazy, turns out to be true.

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What readers are saying...

  •  ...the storyline had me on the edge of my seat -- really hard to put down. You need to read it!
  • If you want a thrilling read with some solid creepy moments along the way, this book is for you!
  • ...keeps the reader engaged wanting to see where this will lead. But still...not wanting it to end.
  • If you're a fan of creepy books with...a paranormal twist, you'll enjoy this!

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Note on trigger warnings: This book doesn’t have explicit sex scenes, but there is mention of forced sex. There is also a small amount of cursing and talk of abortion. If you feel any of this will upset or offend you, this may not be the book for you.

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Customer Reviews

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6 months ago

A great thriller

This book follows the story of Moiré, a young woman recently married to Neil and living the perfect life. Then Moiré starts sleepwalking and having really creepy realistic dreams. She feels something is wrong but is assured otherwise. I loved this book the first thriller that Tammie Painter has written, I believe, I hope it will not be her last. The characters were very credible and the storyline had me on the edge of my seat - really hard to put down. You need to read it!


6 months ago

X-files meets the fertility clinc

A mix of X-files like suspense and dark paranormal.

Is she seeing things, is she loosing her mind or are strange things happeing to her?
Her husband is acting strangly and meeting a strange man who seems to almost just appear.

If you are a fan of Tammie's "normal" series then this is (to quote Monty Python) something COMPLETLY different. Don't expent humour or quirky characters this is more dark than anything else.

I received an arc of this book.


6 months ago

Great for fans of dark thrillers

This is a dark paranormal thriller. I don't want to say too much about the plot. Just think "Rosemary's Baby" meets "The X-Files." It tells the story of Moire Anders, a woman who finds herself waking up in the middle of the night in the park, with no memory of how she got there. Eventually, trying to figure out what is happening to her leads her to uncovering a sinister conspiracy, of which she is the primary target.

There are some pretty disturbing aspects to this conspiracy, which I can't discuss too deeply without giving away aspects of the plot, but if you're accustomed to stories like those I mentioned above, you probably can guess what's coming.

If you like eerie, mysterious thrillers with some horror elements, and in particular if you enjoyed X-Files (or better yet, the old Coast-to-Coast AM radio show), give this a spin. It's definitely a departure in tone from Painter's other books, but it's a good story all the same.


6 months ago

An Eerie Change of Pace, Kind of…

I enjoyed this change of pace from the author. A sci-fi thriller with a strong “Rosemary’s Baby” vibe isn’t that much of a departure from the comedy fantasy novels she’s done lately, if you’ve already her earlier “Osteria” novels. Painter is a versatile author with a gift for creating interesting, approachable protagonists. Because of this, I would read anythin she wrote, regardless of of genre.
I received a pre-released copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Eloy B.

6 months ago

If you liked the Twilight Zone, you'll love this book.

After Moire moves in with her boyfriend Neil she finds herself waking up in the park at night without any knowledge of how she ended up there. But this is not the only strange thing happening. When people start disappearing around her she starts to worry something is very wrong. But who can she trust?

If you have read any of the other recent books by Tammie Painter, this story is definitely something different. It’s a dark, sinister and fast paced thriller that reminds me of ‘The X-files’ and ‘The Twilight zone’. Painter is a very skilled and talented allround writer that captures my attention every time. Regardless of the genre she choses.

I received an advance copy of this book in return for an honest review

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