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The Voyage of Heroes: Book Two of the Osteria Chronicles

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When a scheming uncle partners with the god of war, the freedom of a peaceful land and the lives of its leaders hang in the balance. In this dangerous game between gods and mortals, trust may prove to be the deadliest weapon.

Believing a well-guarded treasure will prove he is rightful leader, Jason, Prince of Illamos Valley, sets out on a perilous quest to obtain it. As his voyage takes him across treacherous waters and into an aggressively fortified kingdom, Jason finds himself combatting the ire of gods and monsters, struggling to control a rebellious crew, and battling against doubts of his own worthiness to be king of the land he is fighting to save.

But even if he gains the treasure, can Jason recapture the trust of his people, secure his throne, and survive the betrayal of the one person he never expected to turn against him?

Vividly set in a future Pacific Northwest, The Voyage of Heroes blends history, mythology, and fantasy in a page-turning tale of fidelity, treachery, corruption and duty

If you like fast-paced adventure, perilous romance, heroes battling monsters within and without, and gods behaving badly you'll love The Voyage of Heroes.

Continue your Osterian adventure by picking up your copy of The Voyage of Heroes today!

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