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Galaxy Traveler Shawl Pattern

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Editor’s Note: This is our first (of many!) collaborations among several Knotions designers! This shawl is truly trans-continental. Tanja designed hers in Europe, Mary knit Tanja’s part and both Linette and Mary designed theirs in the U.S. I love the thought that Knotions had even a tiny part in bringing these great designers together!

Raise your knitting needles and join me in telling them it’s a job VERY well done!
What happens when you challenge shawl designers to “boldly go where no designer has gone before” and create an unusually shaped shawl together? Some truly creative shaping and a lot of designer fun!

Galaxy Traveler brings together three designers from around the world and takes you on a journey across the galaxy, with a spaceship that takes you past stars and comets to the black hole at the center of our galaxy. You can knit all the segments, pick your favorites and mix and match five panels, or knit with your friends to create a truly unique-to-you shawl.
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