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Vita Maris Shawl Knitting Pattern

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Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, my country of origin, Italy, has always drawn life and livelihood from the sea. It has always been an omnipresent element of our life, and an instrument of communication, trade, acculturation and union. From the sea came conquerors and merchants, through the sea navigators left to discover the world. The sea has always been a symbol of welcome and encounter and has imbued Italian culture and history. Today, sadly, the Mediterranean sea also symbolizes division and death, the stage of one of the most horrible human tragedies of our history: the death of hundreds of people trying to seek a better life across the Mediterranean.

I created the minimalist motif featured in this shawl in search of a stitch pattern that reminded me of the waves of the sea, the currents seen from an aerial view, the brilliant reflections of the schools of fishes that move just below the surface, and that expressed the sense of peace, infinite stillness, and eternity flowing that the sea infuses me.

Vita Maris is an asymmetrical triangular shawl, worked from the tip to the bottom edge and shaped by increases along the right edge. The central portion of the body is worked in garter stitch; the left and the bottom border are worked in the textured stitch pattern.
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