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White Haven Winter: White Haven Witches Books 4 - 6

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When winter arrives, myths become all too real in White Haven.

Books 4 - 6 of the White Haven Witches series in one binge-reading volume!

If you love magic and witches, you’ll love the mysteries of Samhain, the horror of vampires, and the earthy wonder of the Green Man and the Raven King!

All Hallows' Magic, Undying Magic, and Crossroads Magic.

Readers say:

“Sensational Read”

“A totally magical ride”

“Blockbuster witchcraft”

“Superior paranormal witch series”
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White Haven Witches: Books 1 - 3 Audiobook


Undying Magic: White Haven Witches #5


Spirit of the Fallen: White Haven Hunters #1


Undying Magic -signed paperback


White Haven Witches: Books 1 - 3


All Hallows' Magic - signed paperback


All Hallows' Magic: White Haven Witches #4 (Audiobook)


Magic Unleashed: White Haven Witches #3 Audiobook


Rise of the King: Books 1 - 3


Call of the King: Rise of the King #1