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Magic Unleashed: White Haven Witches #3

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Old magic, new enemies. The danger never stops in White Haven.

Avery and the White Haven witches have finally found their grimoires and defeated the Favershams, but their troubles are only just beginning.

Something escaped from the spirit world when they battled beneath All Souls Church, and now it wants to stay, unleashing violence across Cornwall.

On top of that, the magic they released when they broke the binding spell is attracting powerful creatures from the deep, creatures that need men to survive.

And then there’s the Witches Council. Thirteen covens spread across Cornwall, and not all of them welcome the White Haven witches.

Avery, Alex and the others find themselves fighting to save White Haven, their friends, and their lives.

If you love urban fantasy, magic, witchcraft, and a twist of romance, you’ll love Magic Unleashed.
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