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Wyrd Magic: White Haven Witches #11

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Samhain is approaching. The past draws closer. A reckoning is coming.

Avery and her coven are looking forward to celebrating Samhain, and the townsfolk are preparing to honour their ancestors with the Walk of the Spirits.

But then Ben disappears from Old Haven Church, leaving no clue as to where he may have gone.

Panic-stricken, the witches and their friends widen their search, but when they can’t find him, they have to accept that he’s somewhere else—somewhere their spells can’t reach.

When part of the town vanishes, they realise that their lives and the town’s future are in danger.

Their ancestors reach out, desperate to help them—if they can.

But what has happened in their past that is having such huge repercussions on the present?

With every hour that passes, the risks escalate. They need help, and they need it quickly, but it means they have to find their familiars…

Wyrd Magic is the biggest and most twisty action-packed mystery in the series yet, filled with your favourite characters and lots of new ones. You won’t put it down!

Join the coven and battle Wyrd’s magic, now!

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Dr Leah W.

Verified Buyer

1 month ago

Unexpected twists and turns

A well written story where the author has masterfully imbued the myths and concepts of Ancestor guidance into yet another fascinating adventure.

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