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Curriculum Theory and Pedagogy for Student Mobility: Research and Practice in International Higher Education

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Curriculum Theory and Pedagogy for Student Mobility – an edited collection of international research – seeks to examine how curriculum theory within different social, political, and cultural contexts can be actuated to advance equity and diversity, plus supportive and inclusive outcomes in international student education. A comprehensive volume, it contours a holistic interdisciplinary landscape of the field. The book draws upon both a broad range of curriculum-related theoretical frameworks and multiple perspectives to offer a diverse spectrum of examples about the many challenges and complexities involved in not only theorizing about, but doing the work of, educating international students in institutions of higher education. Additionally, the book provides a strong pedagogical framework for enhanced teaching practices, as well as new avenues for research in international student education. Drawing upon the expertise of contributors from varied backgrounds, identities, fields, and positionalities, the assembled chapters elucidate contemporary curriculum theory and its foundations and uses and analyzes its potential in international education. Equally, theoreticians and practitioners, both, offer valuable insights into conceptualizing, strategizing, and applying curriculum theory-driven research and proven practices for the advancement of the field of international student education.


Lin Ge is a Ph.D. in Education, working as a Research Associate at the Johnson Shoyama School of Public Policy, University of Regina, Canada. She also holds a teaching position focusing on bilingual literacy art at a Chinese university. E-mail:

James Callaghan, Senior International Officer and Assistant Vice-President for International Education at Georgia College & State University (USA). His current research is in the semiotics of art and the origins, development, and influence of 13th-century Italian painting. Email:

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