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Culvert with fall chamber project

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It contains 4 DWG files with: the drawings of a culvert made of prefabricated parts type P2 and a fall chamber, the reinforcement of the fall chamber and the reinforcement of the left and right tympans.
You can easily modify the drawings, to create a new culvert project.
The culvert has the drawings: 3D view, flat view, longitudinal view and cross section.
The DWG files also contain the 3D models of the parts and the lists of the volumes of the parts and the reinforcements.
The projects were generated with the programs:
CULVERT - Designing of precast concrete culverts,
CHUTE-ROOM - 3D reinforcement of culvert chute-rooms (fall chamber),
TYMPAN - 3D reinforcement of culvert tympans.

Contine 4 fisiere DWG cu: plansele unui podet din piese prefabricate tip P2 si camera de cadere, armarea camerei de cadere si armarea timpanelor stanga si dreapta.
Puteti modifica usor plansele, pentru a realiza un nou proiect de podet.
Podetul are plansele: vederea 3D, vederea plana, vederea longitudinala si sectiunea transversala.
Fisierele DWG contin si modelele 3D ale pieselor si listele volumelor pieselor si ale armaturilor.
Proiectele au fost realizate cu programele:
CULVERT - Proiectare podete din elemente C, P sau L, 
CHUTE-ROOM - Armare camere de cadere,
TYMPAN - Armarea timpanelor de la podete.
You will get a ZIP (1MB) file