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Vax Wars IV - I was filed under a lawly Star

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Cross my heart. I was filed under a lawely star. Nice + indeed, Cruz; is it? In Texan.

Filing a minute to midnight is Texas legal tradition.

Gemini can be seen at north, indeed: e.g. when your asstrollogic program says east #Quartersky

Actually: not a bad time to file one: a great time, indeed: judging merely by jovial aspects!!!

Even lunar aspects look “fine”, enduring, upcoming as flexibly strong like the people of Texas.

You don't mess a round with a Texan, I was told. Even Venus has a fairly harmonious aspect to

Neptune. Mars packs a kick with Eris vs viral Pluto: this is a military operation much like

pseudo- viral attack. Compliments to Texas: we ourselves would not elect a better date!

Mercury apparently squaring ascendant?

A “rare” aspect as pertaining to Dr. John Dee's own mysterious experiments appears: spiritual help even from fairly “rowdy” Æthyrs.

The ascendant is Masonic Sextans.

Pandora Moon towards Logos.

2004 DJ64 = Iranian missiles.

2009 YE7 marks Pegasus era.

North is marked by Draco.

Looks like a long rodeo: a year and many many more: trees will grow thick: drying the swamp.
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