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Hammertime - Wall Street Election Hawkwork

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Release the Kraken in Hammertime because we don;t fear the voting dead

2.Three foxes get bagged; plus one (64).
3.A hawk is shot on a high wall.
4.The hawk from Wall street.
5.Ballots stolen 3#40
6.Despite encouraging news keep feeding in; Wisconsin may not provide too much post-frauds relief after all.
7.This goes for many northeastern states.

Legacy for the new mankind: Academic Zodiac #RTRRT: infallible future-scanning+changing.

a)15 or rather 50 years of work – a legacy for the new humanity – removed forever.
b)Roughly “Joe’s Ophiuchus ascendant is actually near USA’s in Serpens Cauda.”
c)1973: imagine that: the Academic Zodiac went online as early as 1972 in fact.
d)The basic zodiac and ascendant set(s) were essentially determined in less than quarter an hour: after more than 11 000 asinine years – or towards half precession – we finally had – and do have - the zodiac. Or more properly all planetary zodiacs, since no planet follows the Sun: not even the Sun does: and there are more than #1008planets
e)Roughly “This is otherwise a rather excellent horoscope.” How offensive is that?
f)Volatile little egos succeeded in destroying complete database: 15 years of PDFs.
g)We lost a good chunk: around 8500 publications back in October 2011.
h)15 years equals 45 000 publications. That happened on midst of a debugging session.
i)Namely it is not they that helps you: it is you who help them: refusing the cure.
j)Biting the hand that cares must be essential part of their mental: they destroy better.
k)Amazingly the older degeneration of 12 signs matches the new one perfectly: both are Maoist simpletons TABVLA RASA except that there was nothing to wipe out at all.
l)Such elementary things as log-in was not fixed after 6 months (sic). Downloading one’s own files – copyrighted publications - was made impossible: hostile takeover.
m)In order to present how backwards goes average (in)famous asstrolloger mentality: one can be e.g. sued for posting NASA data such as (e.g. simple solar) ephemeris.
You will get a PDF (4MB) file

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