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Wars of the Faltenian Succession: The Complete Series Compilation

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Fans of the 18th Century, and imagi-nations in particular, have been asking me for some time to create a compilation of all twelve of my articles that first appeared in issues 1-12 of Battlegames. Well, here they are, with a new foreword by way of introduction, and I have also made all navigation links 'live' both for internal pages and to external websites where appropriate.

Aficionados of campaigns will also be pleased to hear that I have just started writing a new book, Wargaming Campaigns, which is intended as a follow-up to The Wargaming Compendium, my first book that was published by Pen & Sword almost exactly a year ago and which has turned out, much to my surprise, to be a runaway best-seller.

Whilst the Compendium contains a full set of horse and musket era battle rules, Shot, Steel & Stone, as well as an introduction to campaign gaming, it does not contain the siege rules included here, which provide both 'automated' outcomes if you want to get quick results, but also full tabletop rules for a sapping slog if that's what you fancy!

The episodic nature of the original articles make for handy chapters in this 35-page PDF best viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  1. How and why the campaign was born
  2. Early considerations of movement and weather
  3. An initial consideration of supplies and map-making
  4. Maps, glorious maps!
  5. Writing campaign rules – natural resources and economics
  6. Creating your Fictitious armies
  7. Adding personality to your campaign
  8. Involving personalities in your campaign
  9. Rules for Fighting the campaign
  10. Simple rules for sieges, part 1
  11. Simple rules for sieges, part 2, and pontoons
  12. Tabletop siege gaming

Finally, those that follow my magazines will know that I have been raising money for the British veterans’ charity Combat Stress for several years now, so £1 from every copy of this e-book sold will be donated to them via my JustGiving page at Thank you for your support.

You will get a PDF (5MB) file