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Battlegames Issue 4

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  • An excessive charge to Her Majesty. Guy Farrish looks at The Battle of the Yellow Ford 1598.
  • Asquith's way. Stuart Asquith reviews the periods he likes to play, and why.
  • Forward Observer. Mike Siggins has some interesting things to say about not having anything to say! (You'll understand when you see it...)
  • Modelling 10mm WW2 Paras. Dave Robotham creates some brilliant scenic bases for use with Blitzkrieg Commander armies, with step-by-step photos.
  • The Battle of Sittangbad: a demo game. 'Michael Button' interviews your blue-eyed boys about how they put on the game that wowed the crowds at Partizan in May.
  • Beowulf: skirmish at Heorot. Daniel Mersey gives us a full set of skirmish rules for Beowulf and his brave Geatish warriors to take on the dreaded monster Grendel by firelight in the great hall. Your editor has provided you with a centre-spread gaming board as well.
  • The Wars of the Faltenian Succession. The Editor takes map-making to new heights, with a full explanation of how to create your campaign map and give it lots of detail.
  • The way of the sword, part 2. John Kersey shifts attention to the Japanese hero Miyamoto Musashi and gives us a cracking little scenario, "The Lone Pine Tree". Get ready for Kurasawa movie moments! Accompanied by some fabulous photos by the Perry Twins and James Sharpe.
  • Larry Leadhead by Doug Hamm and Eric Hotz — more smiles from the Canadian duo.
  • Table Top Teaser: this time, Charles Grant gives us a terrific raiding scenario, "Plunder and Pillage". Great fun for a club night!
  • The art of bad generalship. Robert Piepenbrink debuts in this issue, bringing us a really thought-provoking piece.
  • Recce looks at a wide range of new products and services as usual.
  • To boldly go... Guy looks at sci-fi skirmishing, describes his trip to Rackham in Paris to see their new boxed game AT-43 in action, and reviews the new Warhammer Fantasy boxed set "Battle for Skull Pass" and 7th Edition rules.
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