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Terrain Squares for Wargamers Collection Part 2

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Following the positive feedback I've received about the Basic Collection, (though with 27 variants, they certainly weren’t all ‘basic’!), I realised there were so many more possible permutations that would be useful to wargamers that I decided to carry on creating more. This is the first of the extra volumes, and there will be more in due course.

This collection contains:

  • Stream bend with hills
  • River bend with hills
  • Meandering river with hills
  • Deep valley
  • Diagonal ridge
  • Mountain pass
  • Road bend with low hills
  • Straight road with low hills
  • Two contour hill
  • Little and larger hills
  • Cluster of small hills
  • Lone small hill
  • Broad hill
  • Kink in road
  • Kink in road with low hills
  • Cart track
  • Cart track bend
  • Cart track meets road
  • Meandering cart track
  • Meandering cart track with hills
  • Wooden bridge over river
  • Stone bridge over river
  • Large open wood
  • Open wood with cart track
  • Straight road through woods
  • Scattered copses
  • Wooded hill
  • Extra terrain elements (trees, walls, hedges, intact and ruined buildings and rough ground. Cut them out and place them on your terrain squares).

These large (10cm x 10cm) squares can be printed out and mounted on card to help you plan your own scenarios – or even be enlarged to form 2D terrain in their own right, which could be used for games with miniatures (especially micro-scale), ‘block’ units or even games like "Airfix Battles". However you decide to use them – have fun!

The preview is at just 72dpi, whereas the full version here is 200dpi – great for printing out!

Henry Hyde, Director, Gladius Publications


You will get a PDF (3MB) file