Battlegames Issue 8

by Gladius Publications

  • The master's brush. A tribute to Angus McBride, penned by Angus Konstam, who collaborated with Angus Mcbride on a number of projects, and with some glorious illustrations by the master himself, courtesy of Osprey Publishing.
  • The wonders of the Internet. Greg Horne takes a look at Eureka's 100 Club scheme and their Arquebusiers de Grassin.
  • Forward Observer. Mike Siggins is in positive mood as he surveys the hobby.
  • Battles for Wargamers – Kirbekan 1885. Stuart Asquith brings us another colonial battle from the Sudan, with original illustrations by John Parke.
  • Carry on swashbuckling. Angus Konstam again, this time giving us an overview of wargaming with pirates.
  • Race for the Rhine, part 1. Barry Hilton opens a mini-series on running a late WWII campaign.
  • Homage to Mollwitz. 'Michael Button' tells the story of the big old school game put on by The War Gamers at Partizan in May.
  • Nano-scale armies. Bob Barnetson brings us a primer on 2mm wargaming.
  • The Wars of the Faltenian Succession. I describe precisly how personalities in your campaigns and battles, whether you're using imagi-nations or real, historical nations, can have an effect on the action.
  • Table Top Teaser. Charles S Grant gives us a delightful encounter scenario, "Seizing the pass or 'The Battle of Soggy Bottom'".
  • To boldly go... Guy Hancock writes his last piece before taking a sabattical, explaining why he's grown tired of WFB 2,000 point slugfests and sticking together endless plastic pieces!
  • Then of course we have Larry Leadhead, and the usual extensive Recce section, reviewing umpteen items.

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