Battlegames Issue 6

by Gladius Publications

  • I'll put a hex on you! Experienced wargamer Adrian Hussey gives us a terrific article explaining how to use hexes for your tabletop miniatures battles.
  • Battles for Wargamers. Stuart Asquith changes hats and gives us the first in a series illustrated by John Parke. We start with Stow-on-the-Wold 1646.
  • A hedge too far! Adam Williams demonstrates a quick way to recreate the Normandy Bocage.
  • Wargamers: metaphorically speaking. Bill Protz chews the cud and considers the potential pitfalls of new wargaming projects.
  • The Wars of the Faltenian Succession. Your Editor takes the story a stage further, looking at the motivation for creating fictitious forces.
  • Making medieval mayhem. Rob Dean and Ross Macfarlane pull off a minor miracle, creating an exciting and colourful demo game for less than $100.00 USD that's great for enticing beginners, and we include a FREE set of rules too!
  • Warmaster: rules for all seasons? Veteran player Bob Barnetson analyses the strengths and weaknesses of these popular rules.
  • Table Top Teaser: Charles Grant will have you being a Napoleonic Indiana Jones in the shadow of the pyramids as you play "Getting away with it, or 'I say, that's my Rosetta stone!'"
  • Forward Observer: Mike Siggins has plenty to say on the subject of salsa, guacamole and hoummus. You'll see!
  • The wargamer's sage, Larry Leadhead gives us something to chuckle about as usual.
  • We have another mountain of in-depth reviews in Recce.
  • To boldly go: in his ongoing Fantasy & sci-Fi slot, Guy Hancock shares his diary of a Warhammer Fantasy tournament he recently took part in.

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