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Battlegames Issue 15

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  • You've done what?! Diane Sutherland watches in horror as husband Jon converts a favourite gaming board into an Indian village. Yes, really!
  • Tabletop tips. Phil Olley shows us how to create eye-catching water features for wargames.
  • Figure mutilation therapy. Barry Hilton continues the watery theme, demonstrating how he created wading figures for his stunning Battle of the Boyne demo game.
  • The joy of six. A real corker, this. First of all, Peter Riley talks about what inspired him to write the Polemos American Civil War rules, then goes on to give us a cracking Gettysburg cavalry battle scenario and game report. I've included some notes for gaming the period in other scales and using different rules, and then I wrap up with an in-depth interview with Peter Berry of Baccus 6mm.
  • Forward observer. Siggo's in chatty mode as ever, discussing what's been inspiring him lately, including a trip to The Other Partizan in September, some Peter Pig ACW rules, friends with frighteningly spacious areas for gaming, boardgaming the Spanish Civil War, paint stripping disasters and, in response to correspondence, an explanation of his mellowing philosophy.
  • To boldly go... Roger dragged me along to Games Workshop's massive Games Day in Birmingham recently to see just how shell-shocked I would be, and this huge and multi-faceted event deserved an in-depth report for the benefit of those who have never been, so here it is.
  • Spartacists and swastikas. New contributor Gary Chapman has provided an excellent introduction to gaming the period I actually wrote my BA dissertation about, the uprisings in Germany between the Freikorps and leftist groups following the end of WWI.
  • Table Top Teaser. Charles S Grant must be one of the most prolific wargames writers ever, and whilst juggling the publication of several titles (of which, see more below), he has managed to conjure up a brilliant — and hilarious — three-way teaser for our delectation! I expect to hear how you all got on with this scenarion, "Visitors with intent".
  • Recce. The reviews section is absolutely heaving with stuff this time round, with lots of extremely good books on offer as well as other products, not forgetting those Perry plastic French!
  • The Battlegames Combat Stress Appeal. This issue brings you an update on the progress of the Appeal, together with a response from C S Grant, who is Vice President of the charity.
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