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Battlegames Issue 9

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  • The Empire strikes back. Regular Battlegames contributor Dan Mersey and the Editor went to visit Games Workshop Headquarters in Nottingham and this is our in-depth and, perhaps, controversial report.
  • The Wars of the Faltenian Succession. The first of two sets of rules this issue, in this episode I give you a complete set of rules to fight your own horse and musket campaign, whether real or fictitious.
  • Forward Observer. Now look at the mess he's got himself into! Mike Siggins counts the cost of his revived enthusiasm.
  • Race for the Rhine, part 2. Top gamer Barry Hilton continues his superb mini-series on running a late WWII campaign.
  • Figure sculpting masterclass. Veteran sculptor and collector John Ray opens a window onto his astonishing talent. Dig out your Milliput!
  • Quickdraw! Our cover story: Andy Skyes, with the interference of the Editor, brings you a fast, fun set of Wild West shootout rules and a challenging scenario.
  • To boldly go... Locum Fantasy & Sci-Fi Editor Roger Smith, veteran of GW tournaments, begins his tenure by... trying out some historical games! Thought-provoking, enthusiastic and outspoken, Roger's bound to be a favourite.
  • Table Top Teaser. C S Grant gives us a tricky outflanking scenario, "Turning the flank or 'Losing two fords'".
  • Battles for wargamers – Lundy's Lane 1814. Stuart Asquith brings us a terrific nightfall battle from the war between Britain and America with original illustrations by John Parke.
  • Then of course we have Larry Leadhead, and an absolutely enormous Recce section, reviewing umpteen items, including the Battleground fantasy card/miniatures game, The Sword and the Flame colonial rules, Washington's VIctory 54mm AWI playsets from All the King's Men, the PDF book The Ultimate Miniatures Painting Guide, Storming the Reich and Ambush Blitz WWII rules, and new releases from Strategia e Tattica, Italeri, Magister Militum, Frontline Wargaming and the Pike and Shot Society. Phew!
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