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Book 5 of the Wildfire Sage: The Regent

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She’s back…

The world has not yet begun to recover after the near-disastrous attempt by the Council to place the King in Exile on the throne of Britain. For some, it is a time of grieving—to mourn the millions of people killed in the bioweapon attack. For others, a time for unity—to heal the rifts between neighbors and friends who chose different sides in a nascent civil war that threatened to destroy what was left of America after the invasion.

For Danika Helström, it’s time to go hunting.

Of all the Council operatives responsible for the worldwide death and destruction unleashed by the North Koreans, one woman managed to slip away in the chaos following the attack on Dunkeith Castle.

Now Jayne Renolds has remerged from the shadows, stronger than ever. She wants to take control of what remains of the tattered Council and the next in line to the Pretender’s Throne, a 15-year old boy from Normandy.

For Danika, there’s only one problem: Jayne has all of Reginald’s secrets, all his contacts, all his money—and none of his restraints. She is ruthless, driven, and willing to do anything to succeed. Now she seeks to reform the Council and return it to its former glory, and she doesn’t care who dies along the way—especially if it’s 13, her one-time ally and training partner.

But Danika doesn’t have to fight alone any longer—she’s teamed up with Cooper Braaten, the ex-SEAL who helped bring down the Council. Together, they’ll face off against the most dangerous woman in the world—the Regent.

The Regent is an action-packed continuation of the gritty, post-apocalyptic saga that began with Apache Dawn. The Regent is the fifth main book in the series, and takes place after the events of Oathkeeper.
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