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Book 4 of the Wildfire Saga: Oathkeeper

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Some oaths must never be broken.

The world is in flames, brought about by the Council’s attempt to change the balance of power in the western world. The weaponized Pandemic virus runs rampant across much of the globe, but the United States has developed a vaccine. Humanity was brought to the precipice of extinction and managed to survive.

But the situation is no where near resolved—North Korea still occupies the west coast of the United States, trapping millions of Americans behind enemy lines. Two of those unfortunates are the wife and child of Charlie Marshal, Navy SEAL and Cooper Braaten’s executive officer.

Cooper swore an oath to rescue Charlie’s family following the Battle of Tillcott Castle, but there’s two things that stand in his way: the North Korean invasion force and their criminal allies, and the fact that Cooper is no longer a Navy SEAL. If he goes in, he’s going alone.

But none of that matters to Cooper. He swore an oath, to bring back Charlie’s family or die trying, and he’s going to keep that oath. No matter the adversity, injury, or fatigue, Cooper will face the very worst of human nature in the form of gang lords who have risen up to rule the west in the name of the North Koreans, and there will a reckoning.

Cooper Braaten, once one of America’s elite warriors, may no longer be a Navy SEAL but he is the Oathkeeper.

Oathkeeper is a riveting thrill-ride, opening the next chapter in Marcus Richardson’s post-apocalyptic Wildfire Saga.
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