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Book 6 of the Wildfire Saga: Extraction

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Behind enemy lines, danger lurks around every corner.

The world teeters on the edge of World War III. Tensions are the highest between the US and Russia since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Ambassadors on both sides have been recalled—but the US Ambassador has gone missing. Cooper Braaten is tasked with rescuing both the ambassador and his wife and returning them to America.

However, if he’s captured, the US government will deny his very existence, and a hostile Russian government isn’t the only threat he faces: the bratva, a brotherhood of Russian mafia families, has set their sights on the ambassador and will stop at nothing to capture him. To make matters worse, Jayne Renolds, now the head of a multinational consortium, wants the ambassador, too—but not for politics or personal gain.

Jayne wants revenge.

Cooper isn’t alone, though. Danika Helström, the top-tier ex-Council assassin, and a legendary rebel known as the Chechen, join forces with Cooper in an effort to bring down the forces that decimated so many innocents around the world.

Extraction is a high-tech, cloak-and-dagger military thriller that reads full-throttle from page one. Sequel to The Regent, Extraction is the 6th book in Marcus Richardson’s near-future post-apocalyptic series, The Wildfire Saga.
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