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A Bird in the Hand (ebook)

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Aurora Award Finalist

A Heroka Story

Lilith Hoyl awakes to find herself a prisoner in a top-secret government laboratory. To win her freedom, all she needs to do is prove that she’s human.

“A very interesting turn-around story, in which our expectations are upended at the last minute. ...a good read, and sadly, far too relevant to our own present world.” —The Billion Light-Year Bookshelf

“...great fun to read” —Dreams and Speculations

“...has a woman fed chemicals to prove whether she’s human or a shape-shifter ... well worth reading.” —SF Crowsnest Reviews
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7 months ago

I love the Heroka!

And, to introduce a new type of Heroka... drum roll please! A crystalline Phoenix! Lovely. New twist that makes the whole story work but I won't drop a spoiler, you'll have to read the book yourself!

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