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Radio Nowhere (ebook)

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Aurora Award Finalist

On the anniversary of his wife’s death, Liam makes a startling discovery. The particle accelerator experiments he is conducting for the university are capable of opening a window back in time.

Can he tune that window to the night his wife died? Can he actually go back in time to save her?

But what of the strange radio broadcasts he keeps hearing? Broadcasts warning that changing the past could produce a very dark future for the world—or no future at all.

How much will Liam risk to bring back the only woman he ever loved?

Science fiction, love story, time travel (short story)

"A very human story of a man hung up on the past for far too long, and a woman who can't make him realize her true feelings. ... The resolution is a key moment of personal growth for our protagonist, and that's really what I ask for in a story." —Scientifically Bookish

"This is a great story, that connects [the reader} with the emotional pain and trauma [of the characters]." —Contemplating the Cosmos
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