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The Heroka bundle (4 ebooks)

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Get all the Heroka short stories and a Heroka novel at one low price!

The Heroka walk among us. Unseen, unknown. Shapeshifters. Human in appearance but with power over their animal totems.

This bundle contains three Heroka short stories ("Spirit Dance," "A Bird in the Hand," and "Dream Flight"), plus the novel, The Wolf at the End of the World, the sequel to "Spirit Dance."

"Spirit Dance": Gwyn Blaidd, a Heroka of the wolf totem, must stop an old friend from killing a powerful logging baron. To do so, Gwyn must battle the covert government agency that hunts his kind—and his own dark past.

"A Bird in the Hand": Lilith Hoyl awakes to find herself a prisoner in a top-secret government laboratory. To win her freedom, all she needs to do is prove that she’s human.

"Dream Flight": When a Heroka of the bird totem, who hates the humans for killing her mate, meets a young girl awaiting a critical operation, their mutual love for birds brings joy back into both their lives.

The Wolf at the End of the World: A shapeshifter hero battles ancient spirits, a covert government agency, and his own dark past in a race to solve a murder that could mean the end of the world.
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