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A Taste Sweet and Salty (ebook)

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The man known only as Stranger lived and died in a town with no name. Each day he lived. And each night he died…

Fantasy, surreal (short story)

“...absolutely masterful...a kind of much, much creepier Quantum Leap: the amnesiac protagonist awakes in a new body each morning only to die in it by nightfall.” —Strange Horizons

“Another superb story … unpredictable and with a great ending, this story is another highlight of the Chimerascope collection (A++).” —Fantasy Book Critic

“...wonderful...has a taste that lingers...” —SF Crowsnest

“A charming tale about a man cursed to die every day and be reborn as someone else.” —SFRevu

“A fascinating fabulist premise...” —Internet Review of SF
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