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Oil production to resume towards August 2020: evaporation of viri by the Sun permitting.

The third passage coincides with Several viral outbreaks or findings in China as Saturn gently checks upon Neptune: meaning weighted (and possibly) "friendly" negotiations.

1)Marriage comet, indeed. A son will leave a long feathered trail of spiritual beauty: almost an invite at ascension!
2)The sage’s log white beard is comet’s (blazing its) trail. Wages will follow.
3)An omen of longevityii without time and space as infinity has nothing to do with time.
4)Refer to HGA (guardian angel) since underlying cancer symptoms may bring about death.
5)Timing is everything: six spheres: all good progress comes through musical dreams.
6)Facebook-likeiii marketing success has gathered icy genetics attached: long ill no dead.
7)Protection from heaven above along with riches galore, holy crops and marriage.
8)Shaman child: dragon as incarnated: first planetary initiation of a reptilian race shifter.

She is a surprise - but the West needs a cliche - something she is definitively not. But: she may press that May 2021 button. Red.

World War Three or not, will last three years: probably South Korea clearing mine fields and north.

The “marriage comet” may have interesting breeding plans, indeed: comets have been seen seeding over Bethlehem as well.

How, in the long night of time, a comet relates to “hamsters” remains mystery: also to Virgin Mary and Buddha. Progress apparently must happen despite our lack of “understanding”: whatever that may be: appears as un-required by impersonal changes to planetary genetics.

They lie to you since before birth on just about everything: but war was in fact predicted on the site: “massacre” was the most perused word, Niku Apocalypse with Unukalhai in Serpens Cauda plus Saturn Pluto; now dark plague comet returning after 6026 years.

Said comet visited plague unto Mesopotamia 4000 BC – and is back, surely with an iceload of viri and bacteria that will replenish or make perish our “home” microbes through higher atmospheric strata, and eventually monsoon them across your kitchen.

The outstrip on corona virus hoax by globaleft is enough to unbalance the planet: exactly what the “elite” (lowest scum holding key positions) that appoints convenient marauders to key positions – wants: wreck misery for fun and profit: for the miserable time left to pedo-lives.

Supreme leader is dead long live Korean queen

Kim death rise of sister supreme Korean leader | died on Ides of March 2020.

Could not possibly survive May. Last chance to die: just before Xmas 2020. Coroner's report covers several horrorscope versions for ex supreme leader.

There are at east two versions of the supreme leader's horrorscope as follows: where Saturn-Pluto makes for nuclear genocidal danger; alright.

This is not the first time that we successfully deal with several – often contradicting – natal data. At 9-11 time, we were able to successfully pinpoint famous terrorist's horoscope from a choice of at least three official sources – defense agencies. Logically, said terrorist has or had precise Moon conjunct 911 Moon in Orion X1 (Stargate Moon), among other (“jihadi Varuna”)
interesting detail. After we uploaded some 5 terabytes of material, the public-you remain mum.

Kim,Yo,jong,Kim Yo-jong,WW3,WWIII,world,war,2021,3,UN,Korea,North,death,date,nuke,nuclear,supreme,leader,love,miscarriage,marriage,divorce,delay

Died on Ides of March 2020. Could not possibly survive May. Last chance to die: just before Xmas 2020. Coroner's report covers several horrorscope versions for ex supreme leader.

Kim,Yo,jong,Kim Yo-jong,WW3,WWIII,world,war,2021,3,UN,Korea,North,death,date,nuke,nuclear,supreme,leader,Korean,queen,love,miscarriage,marriage,divorce,delay

LILIT VERA works in direction as well as horary astrology (sic). A paradox apparent, for sure: the original material is available on the site. Serious people like Cassini observed this mysterious cosmic chunk (even “spacecraft” was suggested). Much as we can not doubt benevolent efforts from Treptow to Bologna, we always want to be on guard vs superstition: alas, LILIT VERA refuses being labeled superstition: it proves efficacious even in horary charts: yours for experiments.

Angel Guardians in #Astrology and #Magick #RTRRT #1008planets

a)This HGA brief acts as reminder while introducing new data with hints towards discovering your own Guardian Angel in the stars.
b)Everything either is or is marked by a star: intelligences mostly are: as several categories of intelligences are also branded by e.g. ecliptic degrees: often meaning stars for a peculiar epoch.
c)Various pentagram rituals mark an epoch as well: therefore precessed angels.
d)Many of these rituals, grimoires or even star maps with ephemerides are dangerously worthless to this date, since produced, stolen or copied by often praised charlatans.
e)To have revered “experts” mangling data seems quite ordinary an experience as concern human ways.
f)While nowadays there are no astrologers at all: inane asininity is not in fact prerogative of our modern epoch: stupid greed however is exclusive to our past: as it would require a modicum of sly intelligence: a weasel-like quality completely lacking in modern zombies. Never in human history was humanity proud of 777 years of error along with plus 90 degrees of: it would seem that capacity to conform with most asinine assumptions is unlimited in a race: thus while the Chinese studied comets for at least some 2000 years, nowadays humanity knows absolutely nothing about them: to the point that Mawangdui remains the only relevant reference: all that we know about comets was known by the Chinese long time ago: also e.g. by Egyptians who surely pbserve the present comet 6026 years ago, when Egypt “as we know it” (meaning we know nothing at all) was young. Or was it?
g)Yes, Gemini may be 90 degrees from where your asstrollogical programs miscalculate it or them, while the average of Aquarius is due n some 700 years from now: but we are a great civilization, aren’t we? After all, we invented so many kitchen appliances and stuff.
h)There have been rare attempts at updating or correcting rituals for precession: see on pentagram rituals on the site: your starry angels may not be in due place at all.
i)Most of the surviving material from wiser epochs has never been revised or understood as swept under the carpet of superstition adamant. As some of the material requires calculi, it has been discarded along with precession: which is quite un-required within the worst superstition of all times: the modern one. Formidably, modern asstrolloger is not even required to know Sun sign: all that the learn is how to sound learned to idiots by perusing cozy phrases that hide their utter zero acquaintance with the matter at hand.
j)In order to illustrate what we mean by “idiot”: one specimen has “calculated” polar star at east for the USA. So Gemini is not the only one rendering 90 degrees of “error”: what good is a supercomputer when a cave man sits at it? You don;t change default mind: you blast it apart (with #TMD).
k)Ah and said specimen has followers who are enthusiastic with polar star being at east.
l)In such an atmosphere, even mentioning data or guardian angels sounds too optimistic.
m)A good example of guardian angel is the ascendant such as of Angelina Jolie: Monoceros, meaning Unicorn. Thus, whether ornithological, reptilian or otherwise, the ascendant normally represents guardian angel: is guardian angel.
n)In peculiar cases, HGA or co-guardian may be determined as e.g. Venusian intelligence.
o)Often, such spirit-stars may be identified by degree.
p)All #1008planets thus have (calling) sigil with Tarot “card”.
q)Learning to superimpose horizontal Cartesian metrics over older ecliptic logic is not easy matter of tabulation.
r)Lunar intelligences or “spirits” often determine guardian angel(s) as well.
s)Ascendant, Moon, Venus – in a non-mercurial case; Eris and Mars in martial a case.
t)A sigil acts as a sort of calling card.
u)We are in the realm of evocation magick: where errors are fatal.
v)It would seem that as concern grimoires, humanity has only capable of producing error upon error: and yet the stars are clearly visible!
w)Nobody knows the amount of sheer mess as produced by possibly sincere (thus Dee-like) aspiring conjurers as armed with this or that grimoire with stellar tables gone wild.
x)Even rather scientifically-oriented Dr. J. Dee had doubts, issues with repulsive an end.
y)One can determine ascending guardian angel for personal protection and fun.
z)Some totemic animals may be snaky or foxy; e.g. (former President) Bush has Fox ascending.
aa)“Don’t tread on me.” is apropos in the USA which has Serpens Cauda (rattlesnake)i.
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