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He's seductive, downright naughty and yet somehow still a perfect gentleman. A one night stand with CEO bad boy and all round "manwhore" Landon Peters will change Aurora's life, if she'll take a risk and break some rules.

Expectations. Rules. Perfection.

Aurora's lives her life by someone else's rule book until one night she meets Landon Peters, the unprofessional, sexy as hell, British billionaire CEO. He's seductive, downright naughty and yet somehow still a perfectly English gentleman.

Together they begin an adventure of rule breaking, undeniable chemistry and hot sex. It's a whirlwind of giving and losing control.

But what happens when the rules are broken and shocking secrets are revealed? Will this London Socialite and British Bad Boy be able to put their broken rules aside or will everything erupt in scandal?

The Rules Series is a billionaire romance from USA Today Bestselling Author Hanleigh Bradley.

"You want this. You know you do. This is amazing and I love Aurora and Landon together. Their chemistry sizzles through the pages." - A Reader's Review
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